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How to Replace an AC Filter Successfully

Air conditioning is in many homes – more than 100 million. Just like any other device, you should ensure that you take good care of your AC system so you won’t worry about spending a lot of money on repairs. The functionality of an AC system depends on how clean the filters are so you need to know what it takes to replace them. All the dirt in your home gets to the filter making it dirty. Although you may not know where to start, it is a simple thing and after your first attempt, it will not take you longer later. Below is a discussion on the things you need to do when replacing your AC filter.

First, you need to find where your filter is located. You should start at the basement if your house if it has it. Those who live in apartments may find the filters at the utility room. There are two ways through which you can filter the return air. You can have it inside or near the AC unit and this means that you will replace it on the AC unit. On the other hand, you can replace the filter in the return air vent which is mostly available near your thermostat.

When buying this product, ensure that you make the right choice. Remember that filters come in different sizes but the good thing is that the measurements are most likely printed on the filter itself. It is easy to know the specifics of the right filter for your AC unit if you research extensively especially online. Find a place that also sells the filters so you can be sure to adequate info. regarding the qualities as well as the prices. When buying filters, there is no harm in having extras. Remember that you can change your filters frequently, sometimes as often as monthly depending on the environment.

When it comes to opening the vent, you may either use pliers or just with your hands. The vent should open upon loosening the fasteners. You may have to use a ratchet depending on the systems. It is, therefore, necessary that you know the right tools and has them before you start working. Now that you have access to the filter, check for signs that it needs replacement. When removing the filter, you can either expect it to come towards you or parallel to you depending on the vent.

When sliding the new filter into the place of the old one, remember to pay attention to the arrows because it should face the wall to avoid impeding airflow into your AC unit. Lastly, don’t forget to put the vent back on and the filter should be well seated then replace the vent/cover. Should you wish to learn more about various ways of maintaining your AC unit, read more here.

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