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Steps to Regaining Hacked Facebook Account.
One of your options for recovering a hacked Facebook account is confirming the hack. The cut off may not be significantly deliberate. In some cases, you may find that you forgot to log out and the next person took a pick. There is also a possibility that someone was playing with your device and scrolled through your account. With this form of hack, you can easily change your password and put a screen lock to your device. But in a situation where you were particularly targeted, or your data was among the great Facebook data branch, you should go for extra security measures. For you to find out if you have been hacked, it is advisable to visit Facebook help center page. Scroll downwards and, once you are logged in, you bare supposed to be seeing a blue box below the page. If Facebook’s present security breach did not affect you in any way, then this is what you will come across when visiting the page.
Depending on what we have been learning so far, your Facebook account has not experienced a security incident. If you are unable to log in, then this shows that the culprit has changed your password, which is showing a bad intent. At this point, you need to talk to a trustworthy Facebook friend. You need to ask them to link into your Facebook account through theirs. Has your profile picture, Email, or name changed? Are your friends intact of erased, are there new friends added, or are there friend requests for people you don’t know? it is also essential to find out in case there are new posts that you don’t know about. Are your friends getting private tests that are not sent by you? Have you been contacted by the hacker.
The other step of retrieving your hacked Facebook account is that if you cannot log in, you need to report it a Facebook. Facebook has a reliable URL, where you can inform them that your account has insecurity issues, even if you are unable to gain entry into your account. You will be needed to enter the phone number or the email you used while opening the account. Using the information, Facebook will assist you to regain your account. You will also be asked by Facebook how you think someone hacked your account. The other tip for regaining your hacked Facebook account is double-checking your permissions. This is applying in both cases, even if your password was changed without your consent or not.