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Things that Show You May Have ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a degenerative disease that affects the brain and the cells of the spinal cord. The disease then spreads by affecting various muscles of the body. The importance of identifying the disease earlier is that it helps someone avoid the disease which does not have the cure. This is because the professionals do not yet have an understanding of how the disease is formed. Below are some of the signs that can tell you whether you have ALS or not.

The body muscles begin to twitch when someone is suffering from ALS. ALS causes twitching of legs, arms and shoulder muscles. Furthermore, it is also possible for someone to feel their tongue twitching. Some may argue that there are diseases that cause twitching of muscles and therefore it may be difficult to identify ALS, but this is not true as ALS causes involuntary twitching of muscles. It is therefore important for someone to consult their doctor and get cannabis for ALS after experiencing a painless twitch.

Extreme muscle weakness is also a sign of ALS. It is possible for someone to confuse this with the effects of gym. The muscles clamp for longer when someone is suffering from ALS. Therefore, if you find that your muscles are constantly getting weak without you picking any weights, we recommend that you should visit a doctor immediately so that they can determine the root cause. ALS also affects body posture. Someone’s posture is normally dictated through muscle strength, and if you start to adapt a funny posture, it simply means that something is wrong and you should get cannabis for ALS.

ALS also causes constant tripping. It is not always normal for someone to walk and trip on a flat surface. Something is completely wrong when someone trips more than an average person does. You will also notice that you have some difficulty in speech if you are infected with ALS. This is because it tends to compromise someone’s ability to speak well and clearly. Someone should visit a doctor for cannabis for ALS immediately after they have shown such symptoms.

It is also hard from ALS patients to complete simple tasks. Door locks are difficult to turn when someone is suffering from ALS. Their hands are completely weakened by the disease. In addition, you will also realize that you fatigue quickly even after completing simple tasks. In a nut shell, if you have experienced three or four of the above symptoms, it would be better for you to visit a doctor for cannabis for ALS so that you can be tested for ALS.

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